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In the case child need to weigh, intubate and stabilize. The drug should be introduced as soon as possible, preferably within 15 minutes after birth. Attach the syringe containing , the second lumen tube. Place the baby properly, then carefully enter the first fractional dose through the second lumen of the endotracheal tube for 2-3 seconds without interrupting mechanical ventilation. In manual ventilation to prevent cyanosis spend artificial ventilation, using a hand bag with sufficient oxygen at a rate of 60 breaths per minute, and sufficient positive pressure to provide adequate gas exchange and chest movement.

When using the drug winstrol only cycle first dose should be introduced as soon as possible after the child’s connection to the ventilator. Immediately prior to the installation of the first fractional dose settings for the ventilator to be changed: the rate of 60 / min, inspiratory time of 0.5 seconds, FIC 2 – 1.0. Put the child properly, then gently push the first fractional dose by gavage for 2-3 seconds through a second lumen of the endotracheal tube, without interrupting the artificial ventilation.

In both cases, mechanical ventilation should continue for at least 30 seconds or until state stabilization. Then change the position of the child for the introduction of the next fractional dose.

Similarly, install the remaining fractional doses. After winstrol only cycle the introduction of each probe is divided dose remove and carry out artificial pulmonary ventilation during at least 30 seconds, or until stabilization of the baby’s condition. After the installation of the last dose, remove the syringe from the second lumen of the endotracheal tube, enter the 0.5 ml of air to blow endotracheal tube, and close it.

Repeated dose necessary appointments repeated doses beraktanta determined by the presence of persistent signs winstrol only cycle. The dose is also calculated using ?1 table. Repeated administration of the drug should be no earlier than six hours after the previous dose if the child still intubated and requires inhalation of the gas mixture containing at least 30% oxygen to maintain Ra0 2 less than or equal to 80 mm Hg before the appointment of repeated doses for prevention should obtain radiographic confirmation .

Prepare beraktant and place the child properly for the introduction of each fractional dose as previously described. After administration of each dose fractional remove the probe from the endotracheal tube and conduct artificial respiration for at least 30 seconds, or until stabilization of the baby’s condition. In repeated dose not use a manual ventilation bag. Parameter mode mechanical ventilation winstrol only cycle can be changed at the discretion adequate oxygenation and ventilation. Mechanical ventilation in normal mode and wires usually necessary medical manipulations. Precautions If during administration preparation of the child developing bradycardia or decrease oxygen saturation, the procedure should be discontinued and appropriate measures taken to improve the condition of the child. After stabilizing the child able to resume the procedure. After the introduction of beraktanta in the lungs can be auscultated transient crackles. Endotracheal suctioning content or any other medical manipulations are not required, unless there is clear evidence of airway obstruction.

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