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Prevention and treatment of respiratory distress syndrome (hyaline membrane disease) in premature infants. Prophylaxis of preterm infants with a birth weight of 700 g, or signs of surfactant deficiency.Application preparation should start as soon as possible, preferably within 15 minutes after birth. Treatment for the treatment of preterm infants confirmed with X-ray and requiring mechanical ventilation, winstrol reviews should be administered as soon as possible, preferably within 8:00 from the moment of birth.


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Dosing and Administration

Winstrol steroid is only for endotracheal administration. The should be used by physicians with experience in intubation, mechanical ventilation and care of premature infants, or under its supervision. A significant improvemen in oxygenation can be achieved within a few minutes after the injection, to prevent hyperoxia requires careful medical monitoring and control system oxygenation. During the first 48 hours of a child’s life can be assigned to 4 dose beraktanta. The drug winstrol pills should be administered no more frequently than once every 6 hours.

Instructions for use Before using the product winstrol reviews should inspect the vial in order to avoid changing the color of the drug. If, during storage was precipitate to dissolve it gently rotate the vial (not shaken!). This may occur when a small amount of foam on the surface, it is a natural property . Before the administration should be warm at room temperature for at least 20 minutes, or in the hands of at least 8 minutes. To warm use other methods winstrol before and after. Indoor, unused vials , which has been warmed to room temperature, can be re-placed in the refrigerator for 24 hours, cooled and stored for later use. The should not be warmed and cooled again more than once. Each vial preparation is intended for single use. Used bottle with the remains of the drug should not be used more. The introduction of the preparation General preparation winstrol reviews introduced endotracheally through installations by French probe ?5 with a hole at the end of one of the following methods:

  • the introduction of the probe into the endotracheal tube baby, disconnecting it for a short time on the ventilator;
  • the introduction of a probe through the suction valve without disconnecting the endotracheal tube from the ventilator;
  • installation through the second lumen of double-lumen endotracheal tube.

If the drug is to install via the hole of the probe end, the probe length should be reduced so that the probe end is a short distance from the endotracheal tube on the child’s tracheal bifurcation. The introduction of the drug winstrol pills in the main bronchi is unacceptable. To uniformly dispersed light, each dose is divided in equal divided doses. Each dose can be divided into 2 or 4 equal parts. Each fractional dose is administered at different positions of the child. If you divide the dose winstrol reviewsinto 2 equal parts should enter it in the following positions