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The drug is a protein fraction of serum of horses immunized with tetanus toxin or toxoid containing specific immunoglobulins, concentrated and purified by peptic digestion and salt fractionation.

Contains chloroform not more than 0.1% in concentration. . Transparent or slightly opalescent, colorless or winstrol steroid yellowish color without liquid sludge

is produced, complete with horse-serum treated diluted 1: 100.

Biological properties .

Neutralize tetanus toxin.

Appointment . Emergency specific prevention and treatment of tetanus.

Dosage and Administration . . Treatment of tetanus tetanus toxoid is administered to patients as early as possible from the beginning of the disease in a dose of 100 000 -. 200 000 ME Serum is administered intravenously or in the spinal canal after checking sensitivity to foreign protein (see below.). Depending on the severity of disease introduction serum is repeated until the disappearance of reflex seizures. If you are woman and want to use winstrol, read winstrol for women Emergency prevention of tetanus. Emergency prevention of tetanus involves initial debridement and the creation, if necessary, specific immunity against tetanus. Hotline specific tetanus prophylaxis is carried out at:



  • injuries in violation of the integrity of the skin and mucous membranes;
  • frostbite and burns the second, third and fourth degrees;
  • unsafe abortion;
  • birth outside health winstrol steroid facilities;
  • gangrene or tissue necrosis of any type, abscesses;
  • animal bites;
  • . penetrating injuries of the gastrointestinal tractfor emergency use specific prevention of tetanus:
  • AC-toxoid;
  • tetanus human immunoglobulin;
  • in the absence serum tetanus horse purified concentrated liquidtoxoid and administered in accordance with the instructions for use of these drugs.The scheme of choice for emergency prophylactic agents specific prevention of tetanus is presented in Appendix 1. number

    of tetanus toxoid for emergency prevention tetanus is administered subcutaneously at a dose of 3000 ME.

    Before the administration of tetanus toxoid give intradermal horse serum sample is treated with dilute 1: 100 for detection of the sensitivity to foreign protein. For the production of samples using syringes with scale division of 0.1 ml and thin needles. The diluted serum is injected intradermally into the flexor surface of the forearm in a volume of 0.1 ml. The reaction was recorded after 20 minutes.

    The sample is considered negative if the diameter of swelling or redness that appears on the site of administration, less than 1 cm. The sample is considered positive if swelling or redness reaches a diameter of 1 cm or more.

    When a negative skin test of tetanus toxoid administered subcutaneously in 0.1 ml (using a sterile syringe, the opened vial closed with sterile cloth). In the absence of reaction after 30 minutes is administered using a sterile syringe full prescribed dose serum subcutaneously (prophylactic), intravenously or in the cerebrospinal canal (for therapeutic purposes).

    When a positive skin test or in case of anaphylactic reaction to the subcutaneous injection of 0, 1 ml of tetanus toxoid its further introduction contraindicated. In this case shows the introduction winstrol steroid.

    The introduction of the drug is registered in the prescribed registration form indicating the date of vaccination, dose, manufacturer of the enterprise product, batch number, infusion reactions.

    Not suitable for the use of the drug with the violation of the integrity or not marked, expired, when you change the physical properties, and improper storage.The response to the introduction . Sometimes the introduction of serum accompanied by various allergic reactions: Immediate (immediately after injection of serum or a few hours), early (2-6 hours) and remote (on the 2nd week later). These reactions manifest symptom serum disease (fever, rash and itching appearance of the skin, joint pain, etc.) and in rare cases anaphylactic shock.

    Given the possibility of shock when administered tetanus toxoid, for each graft is necessary to provide medical surveillance within 1 hour after administration of the drug. Locations of vaccination must be provided by means of anti-shock therapy.

    Those who have received tetanus toxoid should be alerted to the need for immediate treatment for medical assistance winstrol steroid in the event of signs characteristic of serum sickness.Contraindications . Contraindications to the use of tetanus toxoid not.

    Product form . 5 vials (bottles) with anti-tetanus serum containing 3,000, 10,000, 20,000 or 50,000 ME, and five vials containing 1 ml of purified horse serum diluted 1: 100 in a carton box.

    Conditions of supply . For health care institutions.


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